Six Kittens Abandoned by Owners in South Yarmouth

(CBS4) SOUTH YARMOUTH Tourists taking a stroll around Long Pond were surprised to find a litter of kittens on Thursday.

The half-dozen kittens about a month old -- were apparently abandoned on a beach along Long Pond in Yarmouth.

Concerned tourists who found the critters alerted Joanna Flynn, a cat owner and nearby resident who told the tourists the kittens did not belong to her.

The Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod on Commonwealth Avenue took the six cuddly creatures and said they seem in good health.

Animal experts say it is unusual for baby animals to be abandoned so early in the year, but think the mild winter may have led to an early breeding season for household animals.

Last November six more kittens were abandoned in the same spot. The dozen animals are probably from the same household, said Penny Schiller, Yarmouths animal control officer.

In Massachusetts, people that abandon their household pets face up to 5 years of jail and a hefty $2500 fine.

All six kittens are doing fine, and have already been adopted.

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