A lot of changes have been made to help ease your pet’s fears and anxiety when coming to the veterinary hospital. We understand that it can be nerve-racking when your pet is brought to the back for vaccines and bloodwork. The inability to see what is being done to your pet can make you feel helpless, even if you know and trust your veterinarian. For this reason, we are performing more vaccinations and bloodwork in the exam room with owners present. Here are few changes you will see:

  • Lower-stress handling approach. There are long-standing consequences for the future ability to handle your pet based on how your pet was handled in the past. Our gentle, lower-stress handling approach will leave a positive experience in your pet’s mind.
  • We believe in positive reinforcement and pets often appreciate treats as a reward. Each exam room is stocked with plenty of treats. We encourage bringing a hungry pet for exams.
  • We try our best to examine your pet in their comfort zone. Whether that be on the floor, an exam table, in their crate with the lid removed, or even your lap!

We have made these changes to benefit both you and your pets. If you are uncomfortable watching your pet receive vaccinations or other treatments, you are welcome to step out of the exam room or we can bring your pet to the back – the choice is yours. Next time you come for a visit, we encourage you to take note of the changes we made. We never want pets to fear going to their veterinarian and we’re hoping to make veterinary visits fun for both pets and their owners. If your pet suffers from extreme anxiety, we encourage you to alert the client services representative when booking the appointment. We will go above and beyond your expectations to make your pet’s visit a positive one!