Most of us know Dr. Burns as a wonderful veterinarian that treats our cats, dogs and sometimes feathered family members. Many of you may not know Dr. Burns’ passion for Ocean Conservacy – with particular interest in shark conservation.

Recently, Dr. Burns was in Hawaii. While most of us would spend our time in paradise soaking up the sun with a tropical beverage in hand, Dr. Burns seized this opportunity to help an animal in need. While out at sea, Dr. Burns noticed a plastic bottle on the surface. Upon closer inspection, he realized that this bottle was attached to a female oceanic white tip shark.

While it may not seem like much, this air-filled bottle was keeping this shark at the surface, tiring her, and would likely result in death. Unfortunately, fisherman will occasionally do this as retribution to sharks that take baits and to keep them off their lines.

Dr. Burns and his team were able to corral her, and his teammate was able to cut her free. She did momentarily “panic” towards Dr. Burns during the process, but eventually cruised away. The team kept up with her as long as they could after cutting her free. She resumed a normal swimming pattern and was rejoined by almost a dozen pilot fish.