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General Wellness Care

We encourage pets of all ages and breeds to visit us at least annually to ensure that they’re in optimal health and up-to-date with the latest vaccination protocols.

Puppies and Kittens should visit us more frequently, as charting the course for a long and healthy life for your pet takes additional diligence in early stages. For recently born puppies or kittens, we recommend a monthly visit until they reach about 16 weeks of age.

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Breed Specific Wellness

As part of our commitment to personalized and compassionate pet care, we customize our approach to wellness based on the breed, age and lifestyle of your pet. There are various nuances between different breeds (of both dogs and cats) and we deliver different approaches to care accordingly.

When you visit Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod, we’ll get to know your pet based on their unique characteristics and health history. This allows us to provide more accurate care, with attention-to-detail that your pet will feel.


Vaccinations are the easiest way to prevent disease and to ensure that your pet is equipped to fend off parasites, infections and other risk factors.

When your pet receives their vaccinations, we’ll take into account their risk of exposure, age, lifestyle and breed to decide the best course of action.

We also are proud to offer extended three-year vaccinations for both dogs and cats, which reduces the amount of injections and medicine they need to stay healthy. Our vaccination services aim to keep your pet healthy and up-to-date on all required vaccinations to stay in optimal shape year-round.