Diagnostic imaging veterinary services for pet owners of eastern Massachusetts

Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod is a fully-digital diagnostic imaging animal hospital and has one of the most advanced imaging systems in New England.

We believe that prevention is the best medicine. We also believe in noninvasive diagnostics because it is totally nonpainful! We have the most advanced noninvasive diagnostics on Cape Cod for one simple reason – it is the most compassionate care possible for your four-legged family. Our team has received extensive training and certification in sonography (ultrasound) and radiology. From quick preventative scans that identify problems early before they become quality of life issues to advanced echocardiograms interpreted by board certified cardiologists, we have an array of non-painful diagnostic options for our patients.

Our GlobalFAST scan utilizes ultrasound to examine 17 key areas from the heart and lungs to the colon and bladder. The goal is to detect concerns before they cause illness avoiding costly and often less effective care later. It detects problems often not found on routine lab work. It is a simple, noninvasive scan that can be done without shaving, while standing, and often without sedation. All images are reviewed by board certified internal medicine specialists.

A Full Abdominal Ultrasound looks at each organ in the abdomen in detail. We perform these scans on sick and emergent cases, giving a very thorough evaluation while being completely noninvasive. Abdominal ultrasound provides much more detailed information than traditional x-rays. All images as well as pertinent lab work are reviewed by notable internal medicine specialists, with treatment recommendations provided when necessary.

An Echocardiogram evaluates the heart muscle and valves, as well as the function of the heart itself. Just as in human cardiology, all our echo images are reviewed by board certified cardiology specialists. Advanced treatment recommendations from the specialist can then be developed along with your primary veterinarian for the best care possible.

Most patients do not need sedation for these procedures, and while that is also our preference, it is sometimes necessary. For routine scans it can take on average 2 to 5 days to receive results from your veterinarian, while in more critical patients consults with specialists can be STAT for additional cost. We are proud to offer these non-painful diagnostics that lead to early detection and longer quantity and quality of life for our patients.

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