• Veterinary School at Ross University (Honors)
  • BA from Vassar College
  • Graduate work at Duke University

Dr. Barbara Kmiecik first joined Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod in 2015 and has been practicing veterinary medicine on Cape Cod since 1998.

Her profound love for animals started at a young age, “I grew up in a family of doctors and nurses, but I knew I wanted to work with animals.” One reason she wanted to become a veterinarian is to “help those that can’t help themselves.” Her mission with every patient visit is to ensure that each pet is as healthy as possible, while providing clients with the tools they need to ensure their pets have optimal lives at home.

In her own words, Dr. Kmieck’s main goal is “to save lives and stamp out disease”.

Dr. Kmiecik lives with her husband Jonathan and her four beloved Bengal cats and her pet fish. She is also a proud Stepmom to three adult children. Dr. Kmiecik adores the unconditional affection that these cats provide to her family and understands firsthand how powerful this connection is to families everywhere.

When she isn’t at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod, Dr. Kmiecik enjoys running, tennis and spending time on the water, she is also extremely passionate about the environment, wildlife, and climate change.

Some of her favorite quotes are “Life is short, but it is also wide” and “The good life is expensive – there is a cheaper one, but it’s not as good!” Dr. Kmiecik lives everyday by the mantra Carpe Diem!