• B.S (Animal Science) University of Massachusetts Amherst 2001
  • D.V.M Tufts University, 2005

Dr. Michelle Zarif first joined our team at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod in March 2009. A native of Worcester Massachusetts, Dr. Zarif spent her childhood summers on Cape Cod and grew a natural affinity for the area early on.

At a young age Dr. Zarif knew that she wanted to become a veterinarian. She loves her job for many reasons, one of them being able to make a difference in pet lives and their owners. Dr. Zarif is federally accredited through the USDA, which enables her to see our patients that will be traveling internationally.

Dr. Zarif also earned her Fear Free certification which she utilizes in every appointment. Dr. Zarif has a goal walking into every patient visit, which is to make both the pet AND their owner feel comfortable. She strives to make the pet to feel comfortable and free of fear or anxiety. She does this by implementing the fear free methods. She makes sure to greet patients gently, give lots of love, and yummy treats, and she makes sure to talk to them throughout the exam. Dr. Zarif is not afraid to get down on the floor with them if needed.

Dr. Zarif strives to provide personalized, compassionate care to her patients and pet owners whenever they visit. She enjoys spending extra time explaining the choices available to each pet and answering any questions that pet owners may have, she wants owners to feel heard and understood; “We all go into this field because we love animals, but we also must be able to communicate with people. I think it is so important that we build trusting relationships so that we can work together as a care team for their beloved family members.”

Dr. Zarif’s family includes her husband Dave and her three children, Sophie, Addie, and William. They currently have 1 dog, Nessa, a small terrier mix. Dr. Zarif and her family are currently in the process of acquiring a seizure alert service dog for their oldest daughter. They have been assigned to a class and will be matched with a service dog in early 2024. Dr. Zarif and her family are excited to add this new dog to their family as it will be life changing for their daughter. In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her family and friends exploring all the natural beauty that Cape Cod has to offer.