Travis Lang, DVM


Dr. Lang combines passion for science and puzzles in veterinary care, enhancing the well-being of pets.

Travis Lang, DVM2024-01-17T18:18:07+00:00

Kristin Cohan


Originally from the South Shore, Kristin relocated to Cape Cod in 2015. Kristin has been engaged in the field of veterinary practice management for over 22 years.

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Vicky Olson, BS, DVM, MPH


Dr. Olson wants each patient and each client she sees to know that she cares and will do her best for each pet, every time.

Vicky Olson, BS, DVM, MPH2023-10-30T15:50:33+00:00

Holly, CVT


Holly is the Technician Team Lead at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod and loves serving pet owners in the Cape Cod area.

Holly, CVT2023-10-30T15:50:27+00:00

Lorisa, CVT


Lorisa joined the Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod team after graduating from Mount Ida College with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology in 2018.

Lorisa, CVT2023-10-30T15:50:21+00:00

Jamie, LVMT


Jamie joined Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod in 2016.

Jamie, LVMT2023-10-30T15:50:14+00:00

Jen, B.S., LVT


Jen joined Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod in 2012.

Jen, B.S., LVT2023-10-30T15:50:07+00:00

Chris, CVT


Chris joined Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod in 1995.

Chris, CVT2023-10-30T15:49:59+00:00

Kristene, CVT


Kristene is a Certified Veterinary Technician who began working in the Veterinary Field in 2019. 

Kristene, CVT2023-10-30T15:49:17+00:00
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